Info Packet #1: The Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima 

Interactive Digital Archive Map of Hiroshima

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This cutting edge tool was created by Prof. Hidenori Watanave who is currently a visiting professor at Harvard University. His website enables the user to travel around Hiroshima and click on icons that produce testimonies, videos and pictures from the atomic bombing. This website also allows the user to move forward and back in time, enabling the user to compare Hiroshima before the bomb, shortly after the bomb and its current state. The sheer number of testimonies and archival material collected in one place and presented so artistically is both  powerful and informative.

Click HERE to view the Hiroshima Digital Archive.

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Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes

sadako statue
Sadako’s Statue at Hiroshima Peace Park

Perhaps the most famous story from the bombing of Hiroshima is Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes. Sadako was close to the atomic bomb when it dropped in 1945. Although she survived that day, she contracted leukemia from the long term effects of the bomb nine years later. Inspired by the Japanese folk saying that anyone who has the determination to fold 1000 paper cranes will be granted a wish, Sadako began folding cranes in her hospital bed. Sadako succumbed to her cancer after folding 600+ cranes. Her classmates folded the remaining 300+ cranes for Sadako. Sadko’s courageous struggle against her illness still inspires thousands who decorate her statue in Hiroshima Peace park with paper cranes every year.




Click HERE to see Sadako’s story


Hibakusha Testimonies

Hibakusha is the Japanese term for survivors of the atomic bombing. Please find below three testimonies. The first testimony is from Junko Kayashige who I met in person in Hiroshima. This remarkable woman has traveled throughout the world, including the US, Egypt and numerous European countries to tell others what happened on August 6, 1945. I hope you will have the opportunity to meet her during the Oleander Initiative as well.

junko san
Junko Kayashige


The second Hibakusha Testimony is from Kyoko Izumi, a junior high school student studying in Hiroshima during the time of the bombing.

Kyoko Izumi Testimony Hiroshima

The third Hibakusha testimony is from Akihiro Yamada from Nagasaki, the second Japanese city that was bombed by atomic weapons during World War II.

Akihiro Yamada Testimony Nagasaki

BBC Documentary on the Bombing of Hiroshima


Please click HERE to view this documentary produced by the BBC.