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Oleander Tri-Lateral Exchange Program Report

During November 6-17, 2022, UME implemented the Oleander Tri-Lateral Exchange Program in Hiroshima and Asan, South Korea. This program  explored Hiroshima peace culture, the complexity of history and promoted a rich cross cultural exchange between the 23 educators and students from the United States, Japan and South Korea.

This program was sponsored by the American embassy of Tokyo.

The Oleander Tri-Lateral Exchange Program began in Hiroshima, Japan where participants experienced the city’s extraordinary Peace Culture through multiple viewpoints.

Hibakusha testimonial from Nam Joo Park, a Korean-Japanese survivor of the atomic bomb


Visits to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Honkawa school museums

Tour of Peace Memorial Park

Participants experienced Hiroshima peace culture expressed in nature and art


Within the Hiroshima educational system

and made meaning of their experiences though facilitated discussion sessions

All 23 participants of the Oleander Tri-lateral exchange then traveled to Asan, South Korea to continue this unique cross-cultural opportunity.

The UME Oleander Initiative partnered with the Multicultural Global Citizenship Center for students to experience school visits, cross cultural discussion sessions and cultural activities in Asan and Seoul, South Korea.

Participants also travelled to the US Embassy in Seoul where Pope Thrower, Director of Public Engagement gave an overview of embassy activities and led a negotiations workshop for the students. Our program was the first in-person program hosted by the embassy since early 2020 and we received a most enthusiastic welcome.

All students had the opportunity for homestays in both Japan and Korea that helped form lifelong friendships and enabled students to deeply immerse themselves in the local culture.

The Oleander Tri lateral Exchange Program was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

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